All Sini-Drive Coupons sold are subject to the following terms and conditions: -


1.    Once purchased, this coupon shall be non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

2.    Entry into the Sini-Drive premises shall be subjected to presentation of a valid entry coupon and any lost or damaged coupon(s) shall not be entertained.

3.    Smoking, drugs, liquor, alcohol and any intoxicating substance are strictly prohibited at Sini-Drive” premises. The management/staff of Sini-Drive shall reserve its rights to refuse the entry of any person who is believed to be intoxicated.

4.    Refunds shall not be given for a cancellation and/or termination due to adverse weather conditions and/or termination due to a decision by the host venue or other occurrence beyond the control of the management or due to mechanical breakdown.

5.    Notwithstanding item 2 above, management/staff on duty at any given time during the screening operating hours reserves the right to refuse admission of the coupon holder for any reason whatsoever and or direct the coupon holder to leave Sini-Drive premises.

6.    Vehicle parking spaces within Sini-Drive are at the sole discretion of the management/staff wherein large vehicles shall ordered to park behind sedan cars to prevent viewing obstruction and all headlights shall be turned off. No lorries shall be permitted to enter into Sini-Drive premises.

7.    All drivers are to follow the management/staff’s instructions at all times for their own safety and the safety of others at Sini-Drive” premises.

8.    Coupon holder shall not be allowed to leave the vicinity of their vehicle during the screening operating hours, except to use the restroom and/or to leave Sini-Drive” premises.

9.    Should the coupon holder wish to leave Sini-Drive” premises during the screening, they are to alert staff by turning on their parking lights and wait to be guided out from the premise

10.  By purchasing this coupon, the coupon holder and all persons travelling in the vehicle accept acknowledges and accepts that the management shall not be liable and/or held accountable for any vehicles of any kind that are damaged or have goods or items taken or stolen from them and/or the vehicle at “Sini-Drive” premises or for any vehicle collisions that may occur or injuries caused to any individual or person as a result of a collision.